my heart literally fell out of my ass when i saw taylors post because i thought for one second she noticed me….but i didnt edit that.. so now im stuck wondering why taylor has followed a knock off and im the real deal!

October 20  ♥  1 note

is this a sign that taylorswift will follow me soon????? 

Taylor Swift at the Academy of Country Music Awards (2006-2014)

We were at the Empire State Building because we’re shooting for the livestream on Monday. There will be a wide helicopter camera shot in the Empire State Building, and I will be on the top platform waving. It’s so exciting to unveil who you’ve been for the last two years. My life has changed drastically in the last year and a half. —Taylor Swift for Esquire (November 2014)

“You’re going to have people who are going to say ‘Oh, you know like, she just writes songs about her ex-boyfriends’ and I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take. No one says that about Ed Sheeran. No one says it about Bruno Mars. They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love-life, and no one raises a red flag there.” — Taylor Swift on some peoples views on her songwriting (x)

taylorswift HI TAYLOR. I think you should see this cover of Red by Fifth Harmony who I happened to hear you met at the VMA’s. They were on X factor in 2012 where they also performed WANEGBT.  It would be cool if you seen it because they are big fans, and your fans are fans and their fans are fans and basically we all love you both and for you to see it would be amazing because they are so talented!!! 

never gonna get a taylor follow ;(